BAD+ 2022


From July 7 to 10, 2022, SET ESPAI D’ART gallery participates in BAD+ art fair in Bordeaux (France), in the iconic industrial building HANGAR 14 on the banks of the Garonne. We present the works by Eltono, Ana Esteve Llorens and Lukas Ulmi.

Flâneur, stubborn walker and chronic observer, for years Eltono (Paris, 1975) has been using public space as support, studio and inspiration source. His sensitivity to what is happening around him and his knowledge of the nature of the street – its whims and its unpredictability – are his main tools when creating works.

The investigation of materials often linked to distant times and geographies plays a crucial role in the latest projects by Ana Esteve Llorens (Valencia, 1977). Revisiting ancient craft techniques and intertwining them with sculptural processes, she composes works that challenge formal and conceptual notions of origin and belonging, contrasting nature with culture.

Lukas Ulmi (Lucerne, 1958) delves into a reflection on the cube that is established as a blurred possibility traced with fine iron rods that appears only at one point or becomes reality only as a shadow drawn on the wall. In his last pieces, the participation of the spectator, the kinetic, the visual and light effect are even more defined.