At Artesantander 2021, SET ESPAI D’ART gallery presented the previously unexhibited project “927’15” by Alberto Gil Cásedas (Zaragoza, 1991), created especially for the fair.

In 2019 Alberto Gil Cásedas presented at the gallery the exhibition “367,824”, where he focused his work on the accounting / cataloging of everyday actions. “367,824” was presented as a link between his work as a store clerk and his artistic practice, denoting in a series of installations that played with the spatial approach of the gallery through the plastic reinterpretation of certain actions, methodologies and products that accompanied his routine daily work.

“Alberto Gil Cásedas submits to a double process of abstraction and resignification of materials and objects that occupy his space and his working time as an employee. He has known how to appropriate what he has considered adequate to articulate a discourse perfectly interwoven between the fabric of life and the warp of art “

(Excerpt from the review by Juan Bautista Peiró, “No es lo que parece”. Posdata. Levante. 19-10-2019)

Continuing with the relational game between life and art, “927′ 15”” is shown as an exhibition act in relation to the artist’s parallel job in which certain actions and daily routines carried out at work as a logistics and administration staff at an acupuncture company are made evident.

The project includes a series of pieces linked to the pictorial realm that arise from the collection of expired materials from the company itself as well as from certain tasks carried out as an employee, which show in a global way the parallel means of subsistence that the artist uses to continue with his creative process.

The organization of storage boxes, the action of sticking labels, the destruction of expired needles or the reuse of physiotherapy tapes are established as the visual body of the project, which in a minimalist and conceptual way takes us into the work that the artist does on a daily basis.