ARCOmadrid 2022


From February 23 to 27, SET ESPAI D’ART participated in ARCOmadrid art fair, where we presented works by Ana H. del Amo, Sergio Barrera, Chingsum Jessye Luk, Leo Matiz and Pamen Pereira.

Everything is ahead, present. It is the being of the works, but it is also their time, that of the act of presenting themselves. With this elementary premise, we present at ARCO a stand where different ways of presenting or making the work present are combined, from the minimal and technical gesture on a surface to the tremendous poetic journey that reaches memory, from the personal to the shared.

Pamen Pereira (Ferrol, 1963) shows the power of the wild roots of the mangrove swamp as they twist underground, a whole fabric that runs through the landscape and clings to the ground (the territory) to be, above, the world and, below, life itself. Her audiovisual pieces bring us closer to the flow of memory through the constant insistence of the waves or the passage of birds.

The reflection on the poetics of materials and a certain turn towards the natural is found at the base of the delicate fused branches of Ana H. del Amo (C√°ceres, 1977), small fragments of landscape that are transformed into lasting pieces of a metallic, golden nature, an organic presence transmuted into a poetic drawing, into a jewel.

Based on that same influence, we present a selection of photographs from the legacy of Leo Matiz (Colombia, 1917-1998) dedicated to capturing the force of nature and its forms, to documenting the beauty of the wild landscape or to retaining the magical realism exuded by the characters. As well as the traditions of Aracataca, Magdalena or Cartagena.

Chingsum Jessye Luk‘s latticework of braided paper (Hong Kong, 1982) transports us to the flow of everyday life through her methodical work carried out with paper, a reflection of the time lived under lockdown.

The painting by Sergio Barrera (Valencia, 1967) completes the stand. The gesture of enormous brushstrokes runs across the canvas, leaving a vibrant trail that records the process on the surface, the path of the pulse and the mark of any evidence or minimal accident, underlining its light materiality and complicating the image character of this painting that emerges in the midst of our contemporary and digital world.