Diana Lelonek




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SET ESPAI D’ART gallery is pleased to present the first exhibition in Spain by the artist Diana Lelonek (Poland, 1988). The show references the process of overproduction and the problem of the inevitable extinction of species caused mainly by human activity. In a reflection on the fate of the planet between the error-ridden past and a future yet to come, Lelonek constructs an archeology of post-industrial decline.



solacium (Latin): comfort,

-algia (Greek): pain, suffering, grief)

Emotional or existential distress caused by environmental change


In her latest projects, the Polish artist explores the relationships between humans and other species, connecting with recurrent environmental questions about the transformative borders between the natural and cultural realms. Climate change, accelerated disappearance of species, evolutionary theory, garbage that becomes life, the last breath of industrial culture… In Lelonek’s work, all these threads come together to reveal the network of dependency between species, and trace a possible horizon of a common coexistence.

This exhibition has been selected by José Luis Clemente, curator of the project TODAY IS TOMORROW within the framework of València World Design Capital 2022.