Exhibition Views


Under the title Desperfectos, Eltono presents with SET Espai d’Art an unpublished project for Galería Nueva in Madrid, where chance takes the reins of the creative process. Eltono invents systems where the loss of control of the final result is programmed. Systems in which the work, the environment and the artist interact to create an uncertain result, born from all the variables and external factors that intersect during the process.

Several wooden boxes, painted on the outside, are sent to the gallery through different courier and postal companies that leave the marks of the trip on their surface; a paper with colored lines is used to protect against the rain; an artifact connected to the artist’s body and carried on his back draws on paper when walking around Doctor Fourquet Street. In the words of the researcher Jordi Pallarés, “processes that are actions. Actions that are verbs ”.

Eltono (París, 1975). Flâneur, stubborn walker and chronic observer, for years Eltono has used public space as support, studio and inspiration source. His sensitivity to what is happening around him and his knowledge of the nature of the street – its whims and its unpredictability – are his main tools when generating works. He has worked in the street of more than ninety cities and has shown his works in world-renowned galleries and museums, including the Tate Modern, the Somerset House, Fundacion Miro and Artium Museum. Over the last fifteen years, the development of Eltono’s work in galleries has focused on finding solutions to address the problems of showing public art in private indoor spaces.

“Eltono, perder el control de la obra de arte”. Article on the project by Saioa Camarzana. El Cultural, El Mundo, 15.10.2021