Isidro Ferrer

Animal lamina



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SET ESPAI D’ART is pleased to invite you to the exhibition Animal lamina by the designer and illustrator Isidro Ferrer (Madrid, 1963). This exhibition has been selected by José Luis Clemente, curator of the project TODAY IS TOMORROW within the framework of World Design Capital València 2022.

“I have the gift of disorientation. Seeking to lose myself, I have lost myself in infinite cities. On the other hand, I have never been lost in a forest. In the interior of the forest the adverb there is unnecessary. There is only room for here. Here I find without the need to search. I find what is found inside a forest. Plants, animals and a sound universe full of nuances.” Isidro Ferrer

“Animal lamina” does not intend to discover the world as in the wonder-rooms or cabinets of curiosities, those places where the European nobles and bourgeois of the sixteenth, seventeenth, and eighteenth centuries collected and exhibited exotic objects. This exhibition reflects the accumulation where Isidro Ferrer (Madrid 1963) moves, his particular animal kingdom, a kingdom that arises from the mechanical attitude of doing, from childhood experiences and uninhibited creativity.

“While compiling the drawings and pieces that make up this exhibition, I have realized that over the years my graphic universe has been populated by an eccentric and omnipresent fauna that grows in volume and relevance.” Isidro Ferrer
In the same messy way that parts of the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms were presented in the cabinets of curiosities with the aim of showing the diversity of the world, a large collage covers the walls of the gallery, made up of pieces created by Isidro Ferrer in different moments, for the design of a product or without any purpose, just because of the need to do so. Made with different media and techniques, we are discovering small sculptures, delicate objects, drawings, assemblages, collages, posters where the protagonists are animals, an animal world that arises from the exclusively contemplative and aesthetic relationship, which expresses with images its passion for the theater of life.

“Some animals insistently repeat themselves in my imagination, populate my notebooks and are the protagonists of many of my creations. Monkeys and elephants are at the top of the pyramid of my preferences, followed by rabbits, deer, all kinds of birds, cats, horses and reptiles.
On the other hand, there are other animals to which I do not pay any attention. Those are usually domestic animals, mostly dogs and cats, but also cows and sheep. Not chickens, chickens, despite being domestic, have always aroused my curiosity and sympathy.
Could it be that I don’t know how to draw human beings, or could it be that the animal world lends itself more to transformation and madness. I dont know.” Isidro Ferrer

Second solo show at the gallery by Isidro Ferrer (Madrid, 1963), National Design Award (2002), National Illustration Award (2006), and since 2000 member of the International Graphic Alliance (AGI).

Designer and illustrator by “consumption”, as he defines himself, in his works the images play with different meanings, he poses a surprised gaze at the everyday to discover fragments of reality that are very familiar and recognizable to all, while also intensely bizarre.