Ana H. del Amo

A tres tiempos

25. SEP->28.NOV.2020


Exhibition Views


“Ana H. del Amo imitates nature itself when she points to the insignificant to reach the transcendent, when she demands from the viewer a more attentive vision and a circular, non-linear understanding; when she presents her work as a game of subtleties where materials, shapes, colors and textures seem to initiate a spontaneous and festive dance, immanent to another free and optimistic way of seeing the world, supported by sensuality and counter-asepsis and not at all in need of of iron rules or steps that follow previously stipulated hierarchies.”
Guillermo Espinosa
Excerpt from the text “Ana H. del Amo. A tres tiempos”, written for the occasion of the exhibition

“Ana H. del Amo. A tres tiempos”. Full text by Guillermo Espinosa