Sean Mackaoui

Sean Mackaoui (Lausanne, 1969), the legitimate heir to Schwitters, Duchamp, Man Ray or Joan Brossa, combines in his collage and objects elements that at first glance appear incongruous to generate new meanings, seeking surprise, humor and poetry in magazine clippings, newspapers or found words. More than combinations of elements, juxtapositions of iconographies, collages and objects give rise to new entities and realities, exposing new, surprising messages about society and the current political situation. Mackaoui plays with the deceptiveness of appearance, generating a realm of surprise, juxtaposing idyllic and seemingly innocent images with other disturbing ones, reflecting on the relations of states and their power.

His collages have been published in national and international magazines and newspapers. Book covers for the publishers Santillana, Espasa Calpe, Lengua de Trapo, Anaya and Temas de Hoy. Illustrations in the books Exemplary Crime by Max Aub and My First 80,000 Thousand Words by Media Vaca publishing house. He has created the image for different brands, festivals, fairs and posters, among which those made in collaboration with Isidro Ferrer for the National Dramatic Center stand out. He has made multiple group and solo exhibitions nationally and internationally. Among his solo exhibitions in 2008, “Zoco” stands out at the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid, where he also held his first solo exhibition “Mundo Imagen” in 1995. Among his publications, we should highlight “La Garra de la Guerra” Media Vaca, first prize for the Best Edited Book, Children’s and Youth Books category, awarded by the Ministry of Culture, 2003. He is Honorary Director of The Collage Center of San Francisco , USA.