Rubén Tortosa

The artistic production of Rubén Tortosa (Moixent, Valencia, 1964) is related to the investigations that arise from the act of looking at technological devices and the processes derived from the use of technology. Tortosa proposes creation from a reflective work around image and representation, focusing his interest on data visualization. He uses technology not as tools to reproduce reality, but as a language for its modification, giving rise to new aesthetic possibilities that arise from transcoding, using printing pigments and new supports such as latex, acrylic resins, varnishes.

Tortosa holds a PhD in Fine Arts and is a professor in the Department of Drawing at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Since 1987, he has worked with digital technologies and has been decidedly committed to their application in artistic creation, developing an intense artistic and research activity. He has participated in national and international exhibitions in Spain, France, Brazil, the United States, Belgium, Germany, Japan, Scotland, Mexico, Denmark, Italy. His work can be found in the Telefónica Art and Technology Foundation, Xerox Art Center (Milan), IVAM Valencian Institute of Modern Art or the Contemporary Art Collection of the Generalitat Valenciana.