Janek Zamoyski

Janek Zamoyski (Warsaw, 1978) uses photography as a tool to create images; As he explores the condition of the photographic medium, he often chooses simple motifs that are also a reflection of the artist’s intimate sensibilities. His photographs become objects of art, in their aesthetics and form closer to painting or drawing, sometimes abstract, than to classical photography based on a narrative description of reality. Zamoyski continues to traverse the photographic medium, studying the blurred line between photography and painting. His work is based on understanding, not evaluating or narrating. Conceptualism is the starting point, but the realization of it is based on meeting, observation, experience and, ultimately, a new understanding of concepts through art.

Janek Zamoyski’s work has been presented in the PhotoEspaña framework at the National Museum of Natural Sciences in Madrid, the Mapfre Guanartemel Foundation (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria) and TEA (Santa Cruz de Tenerife). He has been part of important exhibitions at BWA Arsenał (Białystok, Poland), MODEM Center for Modern and Contemporary Art (Debrecen, Hungary), Museum Bärengasse (Zurich, Switzerland) or the Foundation for the Archeology of Photography (Warsaw, Poland).