Alberto Gil Cásedas

The work of Alberto Gil Cásedas (Zaragoza, 1991) focuses on the counting / cataloging of daily actions that show the loss of time, time without use, absurd or blank; linked to situationist practices in reference to non-places, both physically (measurement through the fragmentation of corporeal magnitudes) and mental (drift or psychogeography); as well as the idea of leukophobia as a symbol of absurd or null creation, in reference to nothingness, in relation to the zero state of painting, as that positioning that is adopted at the moment of confronting the blank space in the pictorial field. All the numerical compilation obtained during the production process ends up becoming the title of each of the works, the time being recurrent (expressed in minutes or seconds) or the different units of measurement (area, weight, liters, etc.) as evidencing element of the creative process.

His work has been part of important exhibitions at the Párraga Center (Murcia), the CaixaForum (Barcelona) or the Barcelona Center for Contemporary Culture. He has carried out artistic residencies at the Fabra i Coats Creation Factory or the Center d’Art Contemporani Piramidón.